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Tickover on the North Oxford

Onley to All Oaks Wood, near Brinklow: 11 miles, 3 locks            “So where’s Brinklow?” you may ask. In canal terms this sunny evening mooring is midway between the western side of Rugby and the eastern side of Coventry – and quite definitely in Warwickshire.             As the Captain was about to draw away from the towpath this morning the sage voice of another boater advised him not to bother – he was number 2 in a boat convoy that...


Company on board

Norton Junction to  Onley (North Oxford Canal):  7.5 miles, 1 tunnel, 6 locks           Godmanchester Friend came to call today. There had been a late evening phone call last night. “Where are you? Where will you be tomorrow? I have too much to do, I shouldn’t , I can’t, I think I will…! And where is Braunston?”  Self-respecting canalaholics will know that it is in the heart of the country, the junction of the Grand Union Canal going north to...


Can ignorance be bliss?

Bugbrooke to Norton Junction: 8.4 miles, 7 locks            It was a quiet morning’s cruise, due to be punctuated by a stop at Stowe Wharf for diesel (“No way mate, got 2000 litres of diesel here but the pump won’t work!”) and a quick shopping trip in Weedon Bec. The Grand Union Canal wends its way through the golden-coloured Northamptonshire fields, sometimes close to the railway line, at other times further away. From the water you see faces of buildings not...


Conversations (and a massive Monkton Moment*)

Grafton Regis to Bugbrooke:10¼ miles, 7 locks            It’s not reaching the destination that makes boating such a joy but who you meet and what you see en route – take today for example…            It was drizzly first thing but luckily the rain had stopped by the time Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock was reached. In a smooth operation the locks were climbed, paired with the rather shorter Shufflepast whose crew of two adults, three children and a spaniel made...


North – and west and north again (plus a MM*)

Milton Keynes to Grafton Regis: 13.25 miles, 1 lock            At 1120 today Cleddau drew out of the Milton Keynes Marina, turned left and started Phase 5 of the summer cruise, now heading back to the Macclesfield Canal.  The views were familiar since only two days ago there had been a sunny boat trip this way with neighbours and an outdoor lunch at the Black Horse in Great Linford. The addition on the front deck (the blooms a perfect match...

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