Daily Archive: August 14, 2010


A periscope, please

Saturday,14th August: Upwell (Middle Level) to Peterborough, 22.9 miles, 3 locks       As you enter the Middle Level at either end notices instruct you to book passage 24 hours ahead for your exit point.  This is probably a means of balancing water levels.  We were asked to sign ourselves out at Stanground (Peterborough) today, but as the lock keeper sagely said “it’s not that they are worried about boaters being lost forever in the reeds it’s more concern about...


Straight lines and sou’westers

Friday 13th August: Ely to Upwell, 23 miles, 2 locks       “Be quick, we’re losing the tide,” said the lock-keeper at Denver Sluice. So we surged forward, down the tidal stretch, avoided the oh so slowly departing boat coming from Salter’s Lode Lock, turned left – and a minute or two later another memorable phrase: “That’s the best one we’ve seen all week.” There is a feeling of relief and success when tidal waters and tight lock turns have been...


Out of signal in Upwell

Quick update from Son-In-Law here. No blog post yesterday due to lack of 3G signal in Upwell. Normal service should resume today.