Daily Archive: September 2, 2010


Salutes and Salutations

Thursday 2nd September: Brewood to Gnosall (still South Staffordshire): 8 miles, 1 lock   [Before reading further here are some pronunciation notes: Brewood is known as Brood; Gnosall is known as Knows All.]       As a birthday treat (!) the alarm was delayed until 8 am, then tea and birthday cards presented to this Boatwif. Though not high excitement there soon was a little drama: the boat moored in front of us was not secured well and at one point yesterday...


Sunhats in September

Wednesday 1st September: Penkridge (Staffs & Worcs) to Brewood (Shropshire Union): 15.5 miles, 8 locks       Yesterday one of our additional crew, the Recent Bride, had asked about the purpose of the low wooden structures with roofs on, often sited at locks. We explained that they were to hold stop planks which are used to temporarily block the canal channel by retaining water (or debarring it) within a set stretch during repair or renovation work. On the Staffs and...