Daily Archive: April 11, 2012


Cakes, Hail* and the Marmalade Lady

Wednesday 11th April: just north of Wheelock to Church Lawton, 6.24 miles, 20 locks             Embarrassed last night that only a few crumbs remained of boat cake when our Bosley visitors were on board Boatwif retrieved the second boat cake (baked before departure) from the freezer compartment and now it has defrosted. The recipe for Toss in Together Cake was passed on decades ago and it always goes down well after a boating day. It is flavoured with mixed fruit,...


Rather a lot of weather

Tuesday 10th April 2012, Marston to near Wheelock, 14.2 miles, 9 locks Pretty well everywhere in mainland UK today was likely to experience showery conditions, according to the morning’s weather forecast. There have been occasional glimmers of sunshine, a great deal of scudding cloud, several very sharp showers, lots of cold air, three hailstorms and possibly the beginning of a twister! So a day never to be far from a rain hat and also one for waterproof over-trousers and gaiters…...