Daily Archive: June 27, 2012


Wet knees

Standedge to Diggle:  3.38 miles (3.24 miles within tunnel) Wednesday: An early alarm for the Cleddau crew: nb Labour of Love was to be first off through the tunnel, Cleddau second. Checklist time:                    clear rooftop of poles and equipment                    seal chimney vents with plastic bags                    remove cratch cover and glazed panels    ...


Rest day at Marsden

(Dispatched from Diggle, on Wednesday morning) Marsden to Standedge Tunnel, 0.6 mile             Sometimes it’s not what you say – it’s what you can hear… Tuesday was a rest day at Marsden, awaiting Wednesday’s Standedge tunnel passage. When you’re boating, travelling, especially in a heavily locked area, activity dominates. You concentrate on safety, procedure at the locks, the progress of the boat and what you can see around you. The eyes work hard. But on a “rest day” other senses...

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