Monthly Archive: November 2013


Sensory overload

           The Cal Clan’s home is about 30 miles north east of San Diego. Many times there has been a landing well after dusk, a shuffle through Immigration, Baggage Reclaim and Customs, followed by a courtesy bus trip to a car rental company and delays while paperwork and car allocation is made… This year the agony of fatigue and driving an unfamiliar vehicle at night was avoided.           “Eleventh floor,” said the hotel receptionist. “Your room overlooks the city but...


It’s Thanksgiving season

Let us be thankful for – engines.       Overnight on Sunday had come a message from Cal Son: The children are very excited that you are coming, it said, they have been de-toying your room.       Courtesy of a friend, the Academic, the Captain and Boatwif were sped round the motorway towards Heathrow, there to catch a flight to San Diego.  The engine of the Academic’s car purred sweetly, protesting not one jot when the M25...


Friends and Cleddaus revisited

What a difference between two Fridays!           Last Friday (25th October) good friend Les Biggs was still a patient at Watford General Hospital. There had been a very major operation, as regular readers of his and Jaq’s blog will know.  Last Friday he was attached to all sorts of medical paraphernalia – and I was witness to Matron’s deep discomfort.   A storm of protest had erupted overnight after Jaq had recounted to friends and family the terrible saga of Les’s...