Daily Archive: May 28, 2014


Postscript to Atherstone

         Minds were set that a morning wander into Atherstone was to happen on Wednesday. Why let mud and puddles interfere with a plan? How many shops can you legitimately present yourself in when your entry brings a deluge to the floor…? The Captain, as if embarrassed by the large amount of water he was depositing on the floor of a pharmacy, backed out and took cover in a hardware store. Imagine if you can the sound as rain pounded...


Leaks and how to deal with them

Moored Tuesday at Atherstone.          Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed a mismatch between location and map – Techno Son-in-Law is currently in mid-Wales, enduring “a rubbish internet signal” so his MapMan services are currently unavailable…               It was strangely quiet on Monday morning at Fradley Junction: granted, before 10am it was too early for either gongoozlers at the locks or drinkers at The Swan. The shop beside the pub was open though – and there’s been a transformation in recent years. The...