Daily Archive: October 10, 2017


South west for winter: Day 5

Day 5: Leaf drop day Hassall Green to Wheelock: 2 miles, 10 locks Away, away from the noise! The M6 is a constant presence at Hassall Green: when inside the boat cabin the traffic roar is just a faint and indistinct background sound, but outside the noise is inescapable. Down through Lock 57,    with just a wistful last look at what had been (until about four years ago) a delightful day and evening refreshment stop.  Locks 58 (a pair)...


South west for winter: Day 4

Day 4: A numbers sort of day… Red Bull Services to Hassall Green, 4¼ miles, 13 locks Lock 44 lay directly ahead this morning.     It has a partner lock beside it. Between Kidsgrove (Lock 41) and Wheelock (Lock 66) many of the locks are paired side by side and during busy periods it is not uncommon to find both locks in a pair in use, one boat ascending, one descending. Today though, on a Monday in term time, boating...