Monthly Archive: November 2019



These  Thanksgiving trips to far south California encompass school runs and retail opportunities, leisure jaunts and visits to favourite haunts. There’s  childcare too, although it has to be acknowledged that the older two children now exceed Boatwif’s height by a fair margin – see photographic evidence at the end of the previous post. There was a soccer match to watch on Saturday on an arena pitch (plastic turf enclosed by a concrete wall and high netting). Cal Guy Jnr plays...


Have you ever seen the Queen?

This week in Southern California it’s been a school week, though next week schools, colleges and the local university will be shut for Thanksgiving Break. Morning departures from home are staggered: Cal Gal leaves first at 0700 to walk to her middle school; Cal Guy Snr gets on his bike at about 0730 to cycle to high school (though it’s a later start on Tuesdays) and Cal Guy Jnr needs to be driven to his elementary school, to arrive between...


Hurdling through November

After the October trip to Scotland there was the pear harvest to attend to: The pears added a certain piquancy to a pork-based dish, became rather tasty chutney and provided a base for a vodka and vanilla spirit (yet to be tasted).     Then there was a trip north to check that the boat was afloat (which it was) and dry inside (it was).    On that same trip north there was an informal concert  played by the Cheshire One...