Monthly Archive: November 2021


Taken by surprise

It was Baby Sis who sowed the seed – “I’m just telling you that I’ve decided to fly up to Inverness as a surprise for the 70th birthday…” she said in a phone call one day. Weeks went by. There were other things to consider as well as the October Cleddau-land trip. Then the Captain made an announcement: “I’ve booked you a seat up to Inverness,” he said, “and I’ll take you to the airport…” Deal done then… It was...


A Serious Dose of Hiraeth

Double jabbed. Booster jabbed. How fortunate we are to be living in times when scientists have developed Covid vaccines and in a health system where vaccinations are administered free and according to priority. So, jabbed as above, off to Cleddau-land went the Cleddau crew, set to enjoy family gatherings (more later) and favourite views (more on that later too). Both the media and the wider population are alert (and sometimes averse) to vaccinations. As the Cleddau crew returned to their...