Monthly Archive: July 2022


Bedford River Festival

Countdown: with one day to go preparations continued during Friday for the Bedford River Festival weekend.  Council vehicles, white vans, delivery trucks – all sorts of vehicles – eased their way across the bridge over the weir just behind Cleddau’s mooring. Stalls and marquees were being stocked with items to buy and info to take away. Boaters set up encampments and transformed their boats into pirate vessels… A train of canoes (37 in all) was towed along the river towards...


Two Thursdays

A suggestion to mount a little local boat trip with a picnic lunch was mooted – and agreed. Passengers were loaded, mid-morning tea was drunk and then it was off out of Priory Marina with a right turn to Bedford. No, it wasn’t by way of Egypt    – that Pyramid is the tell-tale shape of the Oasis Beach Pool. From Priory Marina up to Bedford Embankment wasn’t far, the jaunt taking just over half an hour. There’s a lock...


“See you at The Festival…”

St Neots to Bedford: 13¾ miles, 6 locks The last stretch of the 383-mile Poynton (north Cheshire) to Priory Marina (Bedford) boat trip lay ahead – first though, take on water… If you ever run out of water on a boat it’s highly inconvenient, so it’s best to be sure…. Some years ago, while in Gloucester, the Cleddau crew watched an enraged hotel boat skipper rev his boat across the Gloucester Dock, infuriated that his guests not only all expected...