Monthly Archive: April 2023


‘O to be on water…’

With lengthening days and increased light levels Boatwif was in need of some boats… Just before Easter there was a road trip to West Wales. The M4 soars over the wide Severn Estuary on the second Severn Crossing  – the tide was low, there were no boats in view – and certainly no adventurous boaters like those on Cleddau and Tentatrice in June 2015… Down in Pembrokeshire the only vessels in sight were pretty small – a rowing boat out...


Moist March

Remember dry February? It was proper outdoor paintbrush weather – the picket fence was wood-stained, the trellis was re-greened and the pergola too (until the green paint ran out…) Then in came March, the wettest March in England since 1981, according to Met Office announcements…  Cleddau and crew had made an Out of Hibernation cruise along the Leicester Line in Northamptonshire in early March (see here ). At the time winter works to repair the brickwork on a bridge and...