Monthly Archive: November 2023


Taking to the boards

PLEASE NOTE THAT ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE END OF THIS POST. Cal Son has explained that some geographers might describe all the settlements and cities south of Los Angeles as part of Greater Greater LA…   Freeways and towns, colleges and infrastructure spill south from the Los Angeles Basin down over brush covered hills and through urbanised valleys towards and beyond San Marcos. You can drive along freeways round here but barely notice signs that indicate that...


‘Unexpected item in the bagging area…’

Rather like going into a different supermarket and being surprised by unfamiliar items, this area of Southern California is presenting familiar views – along with a few unexpected sightings. Out at Oceanside it was good to see the pier again The bridge connecting the pier to the road level is due for closure and a rebuild next year. . Who wouldn’t smile at the resident pelicans, or peer down at the surfers, or look out for the anglers, or pause...



It had been a long day, one which took 22 hours to get from a bed at A (Beds) to a bed in B (San Diego), via taxi, aircraft and shuttle bus… For months Boatwif and the Captain had been craving a face-to-face reunion with the full Californian family. Once news of booked flights percolated through certain Cal Clan members pressed their own cravings for a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate delivery… There was a 90 minute delay in take-off from...