Busy, busy, busy

Calveley to Coole Pilate Moorings: 9.5 miles, 2 locks
      Busy this morning:

one crew member showered, washing machine in action, water tank refilled, mint and basil watered, rubbish disposed of, toilet compartments dealt with – and all before breakfast.      Busy on the canal this morning: boats from five different hire boat companies returning to base.
       Busy at Barbridge Junction, boats approaching from the Shropshire Union to the south and the Middlewich Branch. The A51 Nantwich Road was noisy with lorries and cars.   
 “It’s busy at the locks,” called another boater, assuming Cleddau’s progress towards Hurleston Junction indicated a plan to join the Llangollen Canal. At the base of the locks one boater was waiting patiently while another boat had started up the Hurleston flight of four.

      Have to be busy to keep this garden in good order..

      Busy nearing Nantwich, boats moored belonging to the Nantwich and Borders Counties Yacht Club.

Busy have been members of the Shropshire Union Canal Society, installing extra mooring rings along the towpath near the town. The towing horse sculpture is still there.

      Busy was Nantwich Town: queues of traffic at each road junction, long delays for pedestrians to cross, a bustle in the shopping areas. The houses are a delight for the eye, from the wonky medieval buildings

to the Georgian (?) frontage

and the secretive home of a Miss Haversham recluse..

      Busy was the churchyard: lucky the bride who chose this wedding date. The sun was busy shining, eight bells peeled out from the bell tower and wedding guests in their finery were meeting and mingling..

      Back on the boat the canal continues south on an embankment and over an aqueduct.

The towpath was busy with walkers and fishermen.  A bit further on construction equipment was busy at work on a house building site.

      Out into the countryside there were good views eastwards towards higher ground in Staffordshire. A microwave mast and a sign hove into view.

The Cleddau crew cruised this route south to north just once, moored above the Hack Green locks and made a visit.      There are two locks at Hack Green, busy today, boats passing through in both directions. A mile or so more and then a welcome site, the moorings at Coole Pilate. Neatly cut grass, picnic tables and BBQ frames and plenty of mooring rings made this the easiest mooring up session ever!
      A busy day – and a remarkable day: no waterproofs, windows and doors wide open, laundry drying outside in the fresh air – and in an act of faith that summer may be here the table has been moved from its winter port side position (offside from the fire) to starboard, allowing more space in the cabin.

      Tomorrow – will need to be busy with the fifteen Audlem Locks; Market Drayton is on the radar for Sunday afternoon…


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