Day 2, Wednesday 16th June

How fresh the air smelt this morning. Our start at about 0830 was rewarded by masses of sweet birdsong (and one craarching voice on trees just north of Congleton). Six magpies had a mighty squabble at one point: feathers flew and pride was injured! Insects darted and hovered on the offside, all about two feet above the surface of the water. Why only on one side, I wondered.

Domestically today saw a personal triumph: the washing machine quietly and efficiently washed a bed undersheet, sundry items of underwear and a tea towel, all of which dried on the front deck before we reached the damp and leaky Harecastle Tunnel. (Note: the transit through the tunnel takes 45 minutes).
At the tunnel (Kidsgrove) there was an issue about queuing; fortunately the tunnel keeper’s word prevailed. We emerged, discarded waterproofs, (yes, the tunnel is that leaky…) and moored within a mile or so at Westport Lake.

Since the “winter works” on the boat storage space has changed a little. During the day some items were found more appropriate homes. Preparing for this trip meant bringing clothing to suit all climatic conditions, from mountain caps, gaiters, over-trousers and heavy waterproof jackets to sunhats, sunscreen and t-shirts. (To date, much wearing of sunhats – but the winter peaked cap and a waterproof jacket were very useful in the tunnel in the wet section!)

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