Just Perfick

Tuesday 14th August, 2012

What a glorious morning to take a short cruise of about two hours duration along this stunning canal, the eyes always drawn east into the Peak District … Ducks dozed on the canal bank, young Canada geese embarked on swimming practice, a heron perched and gazed into the deep, piglets snoozed in their enclosure beside the towpath, a young horse was walked roadside at Whaley Bridge.

By 10am nb Valerie had headed back to Marple, intending then to turn back onto the Macc while Cleddau cruised along to the terminus of the Peak Forest Canal at Whaley Bridge, used the boaters’ services there, then headed the half mile or so back towards Bugsworth Basin.  Now boat and crew are comfortably installed in their favourite slot in the Middle Basin Arm.

What curiosities were there today en route to Bugsworth?

A boat, its cabin completely removed, evidence of a very long-term project indeed

The very strong sweet aroma from the Meltis sweet factory while a practice fire alarm resonated through the building

A recent amendment to an official sign, Canal & River Trust now, no longer British Waterways

The vigorous growth of the willow weave planting where a long stretch of bank reinforcement was made about three years ago

Sun hats on the Bill and Ben figures on an end of garden decking

The joy in a small boy’s voice at Whaley Bridge for having caught by himself a perch and a crayfish (although the crayfish was proclaimed dead)

Canoe games in the Lower Basin at Bugsworth (an activity run by the Edale Youth Group).

On a day such as this you moor up, have lunch (on the front deck), top up supplies from the supermarket which is about a fifteen minute walk away, come back, full of good intentions, unload the shopping – and sink in the heat into a sort of torpor, during which (today) the Captain did some interior eyelid inspection and Boatwif a spot of proof-reading.

            As the sun began to sink a text message was received, from Baby Sis: “Have the baby’s high chair erected, can’t put it down. Help!” Cheshire One’s high chair has been recycled to Newest Granny’s house, and Newest Granny is expecting a Visitation. Thank goodness for phones: try this, Baby Sis…

            As if to complete a perfect day (or Perfick, the name ascribed to a boat seen recently) the Captain declared that dinner should be eaten outside… the first time this season the green and cream table has seen an outside path!

    Tomorrow? Probably stay at Bugsworth…

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