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So Part 2 of the 2010 Project has been reached! Bang on the Target Day, 15th June, narrowboat (nb) Cleddau drew out of her mooring at Lyme View, Poynton, on the Macclesfield Canal.

But what of Part 1 of the Project? After all, it has taken a full 5, pretty focused, months to arrive at Part 2. For those with any knowledge of our 60’ long boat perhaps the following details will help:

  • a persistent window leak in the front cabin was sealed and the surrounding woodwork replaced;
  • the wood wall linings in the front cabin were refurbished;
  • a washing machine was squeezed on board and, much later, plumbed in;
  • the bathroom was stripped out, redesigned and new plumbing and bathroom furniture installed (Highlight: the wizardry at Bathstore whereby a 3D bathroom plan could be drawn up by CAD).

In the engine room much work went on … and on:

  • the bilges were cleaned out, dried out and painted (several times);
  • the engine room walls were painted white;
  • all engine hoses were replaced;
  • the low pressure diesel pump was replaced;
  • the storage in the engine room was all rebuilt.

Gadget lovers are probably intrigued by the addition on the roof of a small (2’ by 2’) photovoltaic panel, its purpose being to trickle charge the batteries and power the very small fan of the new … composting loo, which, to date is proving a very successful addition to Cleddau’s appliances and facilities.

So that’s a summary of Part 1 of the 2010 project (carried out about 150 miles from home and often in difficult weather conditions, and despite the need to continue grandparent duties, attend a wedding, a school reunion and an important birthday, all far from home). And why the project? So that we can take the boat “home” to Bedford for the July 2010 River Festival.

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