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Day 2, Wednesday 16th June 0

Day 2, Wednesday 16th June

How fresh the air smelt this morning. Our start at about 0830 was rewarded by masses of sweet birdsong (and one craarching voice on trees just north of Congleton). Six magpies had a mighty squabble at one point: feathers flew and pride was injured! Insects darted and hovered on the offside, all about two feet above the surface of the water. Why only on one side, I wondered. Domestically today saw a personal triumph: the washing machine quietly and efficiently...

Day 1: Tuesday June 15th 0

Day 1: Tuesday June 15th

Our departure from Lyme View coincided with sharp north easterly winds, which meant that it took four attempts to ease away from the pontoon, do the sharp right hand turn necessary to pass the other boats and then make the sharp left to the exit onto the canal. Only fierce activity by Ken with the heaviest barge pole managed to combat the effects of the wind… Our boat trips have rarely been drama-free; three hours into the trip, and only...

Submissions from a non-submissive “boatwif” 0

Submissions from a non-submissive “boatwif”

So Part 2 of the 2010 Project has been reached! Bang on the Target Day, 15th June, narrowboat (nb) Cleddau drew out of her mooring at Lyme View, Poynton, on the Macclesfield Canal. But what of Part 1 of the Project? After all, it has taken a full 5, pretty focused, months to arrive at Part 2. For those with any knowledge of our 60’ long boat perhaps the following details will help: a persistent window leak in the front...